Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And the Winner is...

Stefania Fernandez, 18, Venezuela! Many pageant fans were surprised yesterday as Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela was crowned Miss Universe 2009. She succeeds Dayana Mendoza who is also from Venezuela. This is the first time in Miss Universe history that a country won 2 crowns in a row. Congratulations Stefania!

On a sadder note, Miss Philippines Bianca Manalo failed to make it to the Top 15. More surprisingly, no Asian made it to the semi-final list. However, 10 of my picks did make it, including alternates. Below is the complete list of the 3 cuts .

Top 15:

1. Puerto Rico
2. Iceland
3. Albania
4. Czech Republic
5. Belgium
6. Dominican Republic
7. Sweden
8. Kosovo
9. Australia
10. France
11. Switzerland
12. South Africa
13. USA
14. Croatia
15. Venezuela

Top 10 (after Swimsuit competition, with scores):

1. Australia 9.264
2. Dominican Republic 9.189
3. Kosovo 8.790
4. Venezuela 8.760
5. France 8.640
6. Switzerland 8.611
7. Puerto Rico 8.533
8. South Africa 8.460
9. Czech republic 8.350
10. USA 8.060

Top 5 (after Evening Gown competition, with scores):

1. Dominican Republic 9.428
2. Kosovo 9.250
3. Puerto Rico 9.050
4. Australia 9.039
5. Venezuela 8.8691

Special Awards:

Miss Congeniality - China
Miss Photogenic - Thaiand

Final Result:

Miss Universe 2009 - Venezuela
1st Runner-up - Dominican Republic
2nd Runner-up - Kosovo
3rd Runner-up - Australia
4th Runner-up - Puerto Rico

Congratulations to the winners! And to Bianca, you will always be the Miss Universe in the Filipinos' hearts.


jaspercaesar said...

at least 5 of those who made it into the semifinals are questionable. see, many of them got cut anyways right after the first segment.

as to why no asian made it is a wonder. i dont like it that there is a preliminary competition to supposedly pick out the Top 15 but then MUO has the final say of who should continue on to the finals.

why dont they say that the prelims will only determine 40-50% of the judging, while the rest would be subject to MUO scrutiny.

the prestige has so dwindled, it is now just a game the powerful seem to play god.


now, only miss earth remains credible.

YeyenSsi said...

yes, i was really surprised why no asian made it.
i was battling with my niece to let me watch the show...and when I finally did, Ms. Philippines was not there anymore.
and i did not watch anymore.