Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miss Universe 2009

I watched the Miss Universe Presentation Show yesterday and I must say that there are a lot of worthy contenders this year. The presentation show is where preliminary judging is done on the swimsuit and evening gown categories. All candidates will then be interviewed privately and 15 semi-finalists will be selected to compete in the finals night. Coronation night will be on August 23, 2009, 9PM ET. Below are my picks for top 16 based on the preliminary swimsuit and evening gown competition:

1. Australia
2. Brazil
3. Colombia
4. Czech Republic
5. Dominican Republic
6. Great Britain
7. Guatemala
8. Mexico
9. Netherlands
10. Paraguay
11. Philippines
12. Puerto Rico
13. South Africa
14. Spain
15. Venezuela

If I could make it top 25, I would include:

1. Albania
2. Curacao
3. Guam
4. Indonesia
5. Kosovo
6. Montenegro
7. Peru
8. Russia
9. Sweden
10. Finland

Considering how Miss Universe works, the following might be given complimentary slots:

1. Bahamas - host country
2. Panama - best national costume
3. USA - they always get into semi-finals
4. Thailand - swimsuit sponsor
5. Japan - they are not the crown sponsor anymore but I still got the feeling that she might get in

Of course, my sentimental favorite is Miss Philippines, Pamela Bianca Manalo. Here she is during the presentation show.

I think she was the best Asian candidate during the preliminaries. Let's see if the judges think the same way. Good luck Bianca!


Mark Villanueva said...

pagkalisod cguro mag judge og ms universe. i cant imagine being in that position. puro gulay ngeits.libat2x ang agi. it would certainly be very difficult to maintain an objective outlook when surrounded with all these women haha

jaspercaesar said...

hay ka guapa ni bianca oi! kumabog siya! sana palarin siya at pumasok sa top 16.

YeyenSsi said...

wow, i hope bianca makes it!

jaspercaesar said...

kabibo mix, hapit na!!!!!