Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fall TV

September is finally here! For me, that means the start of fall season TV. It is the time of season premieres for most TV shows in the US. Most of these shows ended their previous seasons in May and the 4-month wait is excruciating for TV addicts like me. It does not help that some of these shows left us with cliffhangers that has beem driving me nuts these past 4 months. Like in Grey's Anatomy, any fan of the show must be itching to know who dies in the new season, Izzie or George? Or as in Heroes, what will happen to Sylar/Nathan? These are just some of the questions that needs some answers pronto! Below is the schedule of fall season premieres of the TV shows that I follow (or at least try to follow) and some new ones that I am going to check out.

Sept. 8 9PM - Melrose Place (New Series - CW)
Sept. 9 8PM - America’s Next Top Model (CW)
Sept. 9 9PM - Glee (New Series - Fox)
Sept. 14 9PM - Gossip Girl (CW)
Sept. 17 9PM - Fringe (Fox)
Sept. 21 8PM - Heroes (NBC)
Sept. 21 8PM - How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
Sept. 22 10PM - The Good Wife (New Series - CBS)
Sept. 22 10PM - The Forgotten (New Series - ABC)
Sept. 24 9PM - Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
Sept. 24 10PM - The Mentalist (CBS)
Sept. 27 8PM - The Amazing Race (CBS)
Sept. 27 9PM - Desperate Housewives (ABC)
Sept. 27 10PM - Brothers & Sisters (ABC)
Sept. 28 9PM - Lie to Me (Fox)
Sept. 28 9PM - Trauma (New Series - NBC)
Oct. 1 10PM - Private Practice (ABC)
Oct. 15 9:30PM - 30 Rock (NBC)

Happy viewing!


YeyenSsi said...

jen, unsa na ni nga season ang Grey's Anatomy? I never got to finish the previous season kay when I last checked, wala pa sa akong pirates : )
asa man nako puwede matan aw sa internet ang Grey's Anatomy? Kanang online streaming, dili kanang ako pang i download kay gamay na lang og memory akong pc and reserved ra sa akong dramas, hahaha.

mikay said...

Yen, the new season will be the 6th na. Season 5 had 24 episodes. Don't watch the new season without ending the previous one kay basin ma-shock ka. Super duper mega nice ang last 5 minutes sa Season 5. Watch it gyud!

YeyenSsi said...

gwapa, asa lagi ko mo watch online? season 4 pa ang complete diri sa pirates...

mikay said...

Yen, wala ko kabalo asa maka-watch ug old episodes online. Kay ang ako nasayran live streaming man. Meaning, matan-aw on the day of the show na.