Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Ode To An Idol


Ice cold... Steadfast... Wild
The essence of non-conformity.
You don't bend to the whims of others
Nor yearn for their attention.

You are what you are,
All that you want to be
and more...
You please people with what you have
With nary an effort,
Your voice rings out through the dark halls
Amid the angry screams.
The youth look up to you,

All wanting to be you...
The essence of non-conformity,
As I, so wish to be.

- March 23, 1998 -

Mikay with Bamboo Mañalac after giving him a copy of the poem above in 2005.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Attempted Poetry 2


You think you know me
But you don't and you never will
For hidden deep inside my soul
Is someone far more different than all you see
Do not be deceived!
For what you see is not always what it is
And I, I am not who I am
Or who you think I am.

To know me is to be me.
Experience my joys
Grieve my sorrows
Suffer all my pains
And you are wanting...

Feel through me
Speak through my lips
See through my eyes
Then, you shall meet my total being.
But no... never.
For you are not worth the person that I am.

- January 18, 1998 -

Friday, April 4, 2008

Attempted Poetry

For the next few entries, I will offer you another view of my soul by posting my attempts at poetry. These were written back when I had the inspiration (or lacked it as evidenced by the angst-riddled verses).

The Reason For Being

Beyond all expectations,

Beyond any rational thought,
A feeling never imagined ---
Love that is so deep,

You in the dark corner,
Seething and shaking,
Mad at the world,
Afraid of the world.
In your eyes I can see pain,
Pain only love can heal.
Your soul cries out so loudly,
Screaming, yearning, needing...

I shall come to you in your darkest moment
To light up your little corner,
Bring color to your world
And take the frown from your face.

When I come, look up and smile,
Open up your heart
And take what I have to offer,
For loving you is not a choice,
It's my only reason for being.

- October 10, 1996 -