Sunday, June 28, 2009

Diwata ng Lahi

This is an update on the Voyage of the Balangay Project led by Art Valdez. The balangay, named "Diwata ng Lahi", is now finished and it was officially launched yesterday, June 27. Team Balangay will set sail on the first week of July, if weather permits. Below are some pictures taken during the launching. Pictures courtesy of Butuan Global Forum.

The balangay before the launching.

Fr. Joesilo Amalla of Butuan City officiating the Catholic boat blessing rites. (Tausug and Protestant rites were also conducted).

Art Valdez cutting the rope to release the balangay into the water.

The balangay finally on the waters of Manila Bay!

Diwata ng Lahi ready to set sail!

Click HERE to see the complete list of Philippine ports which will be visited by Team Balangay. For more pictures, visit this Multiply photo album.


YeyenSsi said...

di ba kaha ni maanod??? ^____^

mikay said...

Mao pod akong concern Yen. It did survive the rough seas in ancient times, but they didn't have freakish weather back then. Let's just pray for the success of this project. Kaya ng Pinoy!

jaspercaesar said...

wow. walay katig ha.

lahi lagi akong imagination sa balanghai from our UP Balanghai t shirt. hahahaha

bon voyage, diwata ng lahi!

mikay said...

Unsa man diay imo imagination Jas? Naay layag and katig no?

jaspercaesar said...

uhm,,, parang boxy na ewan. hahaha.

look at that video on talambuhay starring you in a leading role. naka UP balangahi t shirt si ems didto. check it.parang ganun. hahahah