Thursday, June 4, 2009

I love this game!

I am a basketball fan. Barangay tournaments, intramurals, school division meet, MBA and PBA, you name it, I have watched it. The only ones I haven't watched live are the Olympics and the NBA. I only watch them on TV. Here in Japan, I don't have the luxury of watching the games on cable TV. Thank God for live streaming websites, I get to watch the NBA on my PC.

Tomorrow is the start of the NBA finals, Orlando Magic vs. LA Lakers. My favorite team, the Miami Heat, has been eliminated so I am rooting for its neighbor, the Orlandop Magic. Plus, I am a BIG Kobe Bryant hater, which means I cheer for anybody who plays against the Lakers. Ironically, I have great respect for the Lakers coach, Phil Jackson.

Analysts around the world predict a Lakers win. I just hope the Orlando Magic will put up a good fight. Better yet, I hope they will keep Kobe from getting his much coveted Shaq-less championship ring.

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jaspercaesar said...

ah mao diay ni usa sa imo gikabisihan. : )