Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Fever

I love Spring! It's the time of year when flowers are abloom and the climate is just right. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect! Imagine an air-conditioned world. That's what spring is like. I can go out in a light sweater at noontime and do not sweat. I wish it's spring all year round.

Ariel and I welcomed the new season by going to a hanami last Sunday. Hanami is the Japanese term for "picnic". It literally means "view the flowers". And view the flowers we did! We went to one of Japan's "park cities", Kakamigahara-shi, which is a mere 15 minutes away by local train. Kakamigahara has a huge city park located right beside Shin-Sakai River. The river is lined with sakura trees and is listed among the top 100 spots to view cherry blossoms in Japan.

When we got there, we were greeted by this beautiful sight:

We met up with Ariel's sister, Nancy, and her husband, Aljio, who got there earlier. A picnic mat was already spread out in the grass. Ariel and I then proceeded to the food booths to buy lunch. I settled for barbecue and french fries while Ariel opted for ramen. After eating, it was pictorial time!

We first took turns in taking pictures of each other with the sakura.

Er, it was more of Ariel taking pictures of watashi.

On our way back to the picnic grounds, we spotted this hand-drawn "karitela".

I also bumped into old acquaintances from work whom I have not seen for more than two years.

(L-R: Maritess, Janet, me, Flor, Nancy and Ariel)

This diva of a dog passed by us with her owner.

We also went to the very colorful floral garden area and took some more pictures.

Of course, I just had to pose beside the fountain.

I also tried out my hand in point and shoot photography.

Going to a hanami has become a spring ritual for me and Ariel. Whenever we are in Japan, we always make sure to go and see the cherry blosssoms because they only come out once a year and stay in bloom for only a week. The cherry blossoms in Kakamigahara have now started falling off and it will take another year for us to see them again.

Happy Easter everyone!


Eds / Sarj said...

kanindot jen!

Mark Villanueva said...

wonderful pictures Jen.kalami mag picnic didto.I wish manila was cleaner and had places like that

mikay said...

Thanks Eds and Mark!

Mark, wala ka naibog sa igat nga golden retriever? Nanggigil ko sa iro^ uy!

Naa man siguro na sa Manila ba but people don't go kay BADUY. Go to Luneta and Intramuros.

gonzyen said...

spring spring ka dyan, gipaningot na intawn mi diri! ^ ___ ^
wanna see the cherry blossoms in spring too!

jaspercaesar said...


sakura - so kawaii!