Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today, April 4, 2009, I hit the 2,000 mark on page visits on this blog. I know this is a humble figure compared to other blogs but it means a lot for someone who simply writes for personal entertainment. Thank you my dear visitors and loyal readers!

Special shout out to my 91k co-bloggers Jasper, Edsel, Yeyen and Mark V. for the continued support. You guys have become my inspiration of sorts in keeping this blog. Keep writing! Gambatte! Or as Yeyen would say, "Aja! Aja!"


butuan_today said...

wow!....kudos to you Mikay....for earning such a mile for this blog

may the power always be upon us Butuan bloggers....goGoGO!

Mark Villanueva said...

congratulations jen! how i wish i had installed my counter way back so i would also know the rate of my site visits.tagaw man gud. i didnt experiment with other site tools so... hehehe goodluck with the growth of your blog!

YeyenSsi said...

grabe noh?
sometimes makashock!

jaspercaesar said...

congrats mix!

i always tell you baya na ibog ko nimo kay daghan kay readers from all over the universe.

i installed a counter in mid 2008. but i wish to have a visitor tracker.

anyways, blogging is always fun. and 91kers ought to write write write. and write responsibly. to inspire and coax conversations.