Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Fruits Of Blogging

I never imagined where blogging would take me. I love to write but I am not as passionate about it compared to my friends, Jasper, Mark and Edsel. I was even mistaken as "nakikiuso" for starting this blog and a few other one-entry blogs.

Apparently, the universe has a plan for me where blogging is concerned. It all started when I stumbled upon a blog about work-from-home online jobs. I have done my share of online jobs in the past but none of them stuck because they were just wasting my time. The expectations were ridiculous and the pay was disappointing. My curiosity led me to read the said blog and it turned out to be very informative. I did a little more research until I landed on a website called oDesk. I studied the website and registered that same day. This happened a month ago. I got hired two days later.

oDesk is a FREE job outsourcing website which provides a "marketplace" where workers (called providers) and employers (called buyers) meet and conduct their business. Tools are provided which help track work hours and guarantee payment. A wide range of jobs is advertised on oDesk daily. This includes various positions in web and software development, networking and information systems, writing, administrative support, design and multimedia, customer support, sales and marketing, and business services. To date, a total of $68,500,000+ has been earned by providers from all over the world through oDesk.

I spent these past 30 days working at oDesk, building up my profile, taking online tests, applying for more jobs, and landing my 2nd client. I now do online website content writing for 2 clients with a combined maximum work hour limit of 50 hours a week. My first client is from the UK and the other is from the US. A 3rd client, also from the US, is set to hire me anytime. Both of my current clients are very kind and considerate. In fact, two weeks after working for them, I received a bonus from one and a pay rate increase from the other!

The pay may not be much compared to Japanese standards, but it works for me since this is not our main source of income. I am already content to know that I am earning from my internet time. This is an improvement from my past internet activities which involved FB, GT, YM, YT, e-mails and this blog.

The best part of my job is flexibility. My clients are lenient enough to give me free reign over my specific work hours and work output. I am only required put in at least an hour of work everyday and I am paid accordingly.

I do not know what will become of this new venture. For now, I am enjoying my writing job and saving my earnings for future endeavors.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk


jaspercaesar said...

hala! tinuod ni? pag xur ba!

wow i like that kind of part-time work. di ba okay na rin yan?

hala, adunahan na jud ka after ani.

anyways, im so glad that ur enjoying this and that u stumbled into such a worthwhile endeavor.

di ba okay na rin yon?

ganda ha.

anyways, tell us more about it kung unsa ang mga things that you write about.

dili ba siya lisod?

pag xur ba!

mikay said...

Jas, I will be posting updates about my oDesk work from time to time. Enjoy bitaw ko sulat2x uy. Go ka na!

jaspercaesar said...

pag xur oi.

sige lang pag nagka panahon, i will take on odesk work.

mga end may baka adjusted nako sa ako sked.

jaspercaesar said...

by the way ha, napansin nako ba naa kay link sa mga travel blogs. usa diha is my former ka-batch sa philippine collegian. si ivan.

YeyenSsi said...

m so happy for you jen. at last, you've found your niche. m sure this part time job will become full time in the near future. you write so well.
me? my fruit from blogging??? well, aside from the US $1.59 my Adsense account has (LOL) to date, i just feel happy talking about my asian dramas, hehehe. I've no one to talk to about it here. ^ ___ ^

mikay said...

Thanks Jas and Yen! You are among my inspirations to keep writing. Wala gyud damha nga makakawarta ko aning akong sulat2x.

Yen, pwede na man gyud nako ni i-full time now kung gustuhon gyud nako. I am allowed to work for 50 hours a week. Pero dili nako kaya mag-sulat ug 8 hours straight uy! Maka-tipak ug ulo! I still need my FB time! Hahaha! :)

jaspercaesar said...

hey dear, enjoy your writing job. : ) bitaw noh, wa damha, and now ur into it.

anyways, no surprise kay maayo man ka mosulat.

mora pog our other 91k bloggers yeyen and markv, di ba ang gagaling magsulat.

siempre si eds dati na yan magaling.

kaya go go go!

YeyenSsi said...

lagi no. lisud magsulat og serious stuff for 8 straight hours.
maayo chika chika lang. : )
pero kaya mo yan, jen!

mikay said...

Thanks guys! I just got hired by my 3rd client. Same work, US based siya. Ma-busy na gyud ako beauty ani!

jaspercaesar said...

congrats!uy gudlak unya manlibre na dayon ka ha. hehehe.ill do that soon, mix!

yen, true kaayo.pag serious writing, maka alal. reason why im extending my stay here.

ive got 1 report to do (done na - 65 pages long) then leadership cases dayon. wala pako nahuman.


Eds / Sarj said...

congrats jen!

contrary to what you wrote, ako man siguro ang one-entry tapulan! ibog kaayo ninyo ni jat/tabagyen 7 mark.

pero naa nako idea for my blog. post na nako soon.

keep writing. we'll keep reading

Mark Villanueva said...

Jen, intresado gd ko sa odesk,but you know what?aside sa mag tukar2x akong pagka tapolan,i'm also afraid na dili nako ma meet ang expectations sa employer coz i have no experience with financial write ups or basta mga business related articles, which im sure Jat,Eds,Yen could easily adopt to considering their background.maybe you could help me out, at least just to get things started.ibog ko nimo jen da