Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Happy birthday to me!

As much as I want to hold back the years, I have to give in to nature and be thankful for my 35 years of existence. Here are 35 things that I am thankful for.

1. God
2. Ariel
3. Papa and Mama (although Papa only lived up to my 33rd birthday)
4. Kuya Dicky and Grace
5. My 3 nieces - Jev, Bria and Ella
6. My Flores family
7. My Navarra family
8. My Divinagracia family
9. My Mamimoys barkada
10. My 91k peer group
11. My U91 circle
12. FOAK gang
13. My former BFs, MUs, or flings who are still my friends up to now
14. My Japan experience
15. My current work
16. Ariel's work
17. food to eat everyday
18. house in Ampayon
19. apartment in Japan
20. Kinamlutan
21. My new business opportunity
22. My health
23. My intellect
24. My PC and internet connection
25. My former pets
26. My memories
27. My travels
28. My senses
29. Butuan
30. My beautiful country
31. My UP experience
32. My Urian education
33. My past and present employers
34. My very kind landlord
35. My GCA friends

Some of these things may be shallow for some but I am still thankful for them anyway.


jaspercaesar said...

for good measure, paki enumerate si number 13 ba yon? yung mga past na still friends now.


happy 35th, Mixing Melody!

mikay said...

Hahaha! Daghan man to sila Jas. It would take one whole entry. LOL.

YeyenSsi said...

hoy, kinsay ex-bfs, MUs, flings nga friend pa nimo until now????
gesh, 35 na ta!

jaspercaesar said...


naa na MHB09 vidoes on youtube.

ikaw na lang magtan aw. marvin jayga and i spoke and hes willing to do it again for butuan. we can surely rock again, you know.

ang nakasulod ay si 3 pala (fave nyo ni markv) and NOT riyo mori.

amazing asia diay ila theme. pati final question: which asian country would u like to live the rest of your life?

all except one said Filifeyns. HK naman yung isa.

dugayan mutubag si Mugnaera.