Sunday, March 29, 2009

My 60 Minutes For Mother Earth

When I committed to Earth Hour 2009, I almost forgot that it's early spring in Japan and that it's a Saturday night. Early spring means cold nights and Saturday nights mean being alone. Ariel attends his weekly bible study every Saturday night. I actually committed to participate in the annual Earth Hour since last year and I was bent on fulfilling my self-imposed obligation this year.

I lined out my game plan for the big night. To beat the cold, I blasted the heater for 30 minutes, hoping that the heat would linger for the next hour. I charged up my cellphone and Walkman so I can use them while in the dark.

I was chatting with Jasper just before lights out. I quickly said goodbye to him and at exactly 8:30pm, I turned off my PC and switched off all the lights and appliances. Nothing was lit, not even the little red "standby" light on the heater. I lay down in bed and spent the entire hour listening to my Walkman. I extended my Earth Hour a little bit and waited until 10pm to turn the lights back on.

How about you? What did you do on Earth Hour 2009?


YeyenSsi said...

hehe, ka drama pod sa imong earth hour jen!
After lights out at our house, H and I hoarded our wards (yup, babysitting ate j's kids) to a family friend's house, where other family members (who also left their houses in the dark) were also gathered. We enjoyed minimal lights there (one light only!), talked, laughed, had fun...
hitting 2 birds with one stone huh? earth hour and bonding time with family.
Go, earth!

jaspercaesar said...

i left my place and went to quiapo, came home, done na si earth hour. yey!

im sure though by end dec to early january, daghay manganak tungod sa earth hour.