Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bb. Pilipinas 2009

I confess. I once secretly wished that I was a beauty pageant judge. I shared this secret wish with Jasper. The closest we ever came to being a judge was when we worked in the production of Mutya Hong Butuan 1997. Jasper was assistant director and emcee, I was video director. Oh! I do have a vague memory of Jasper judging a bikini contest at the Balanghai Hotel and I was tagging along.

The Bb. Pilipinas 2009 beauty pageant is now in full swing. The candidates were presented to the press last February 25 and the coronation night is on March 7. This year's batch of 24 candidates is considered to be the best after many, many years. After last year's Janina San Miguel fiasco, this year's pageant looks very promising. Jasper and I have been scouring discussion boards for photos and videos and we both find it very hard to pick our top ten finalists. Below are photos of my bets in order of their number.

#2 Carisheila May Kuijpers:

#13 Sandra Inez Seifert:

#15 Pamela Bianca Manalo:

#20 Melody Gersbach:

#23 Barbara Salvador:

The rest who have a good shot at landing on the top ten:

#3 Richelle Angalot
#5 Diana Arevalo
#9 April Love Jordan
#12 Jayzel Arrozal
#19 Stephanie Siñeres

... and the three overhyped and well-connected ladies that just might grab one of the crowns (God forbid!):

#11 Regina Hahn - daughter of former Bb. Pilipinas and Ms. Universe runner-up Chiqui Brosas

#17 Marie Ann Umali - returning candidate who is mind-bogglingly overhyped; she is infamous for her "love should be fit" answer to the Q & A in 2006

#24 Abegail Lesley Cruz - GMA7 contract artist better known as pageant host Paolo Bediones' GF

(Photos courtesy of BPCI, opmbworldwide and missosology)


jaspercaesar said...

good choices, mix! you will make a good beauty pageant judge. i watched the telly last night and melody had a grammatical boo-boo. but she's really lovely.

everyone's confused who they want to be in their top 10. gizelle is doing her best as always.

my beauty-queen-maker friend said his girls are: barbie, diana, marie ann, melody, priscilla n and cai (adopted).

mikay said...

Thanks Jas! Where can I see the Melody booboo? Have you seen the fashion show pics? Kumabog si Arriva girl!

I really think they should pick 12 semi-finalists this year so all the good ones will have an equal chance.