Saturday, March 14, 2009

Japan Trivia

1. Japan has 3 official long holidays: New Year holiday (usually Dec. 30 - January 3), Golden Week (usually May 1-5) and Obon Holiday (mid-August).

2. February 14 is called Chocolate Day and it is customary for girls to give chocolates to boys.

3. March 14 is called White Day and it is customary for boys to give back gifts (usually pastries) to girls.

4. It is more acceptable to fart than sneeze in public. Farting produces carbon dioxide while sneezing produces germs.

5. Sticking chopsticks vertically straight up in a rice bowl is a big no-no. It resembles incense sticks offered to the dead.

6. It is perfectly okay to slurp your soup in public.

7. Inside a full train, it is extremely rare to see a Japanese man offering his seat to an elderly woman. I have never seen this happen after 8 years in Japan.

8. The fine for drunk driving is JPY100,000-500,000 = $1,000-5,000 = PhP50,000-250,000!

9. Almost all grocery stores are going green. Eco bags are now in and what used to be free plastic bags now cost JPY5 each.

10. Japanese folks almost always refuse to kill an insect. Beetles are kept as pets and bought at a minimum of JPY10,000 or $100 or PHP5,000!

Happy White Day everyone! :)


YeyenSsi said...

jen, they don't have the black day there like korea? every april 14, koreans celebrate black day - those who did not receive anything during valentines and white day will eat jjajangmyun noodles (noodles with black bean paste) and celebrate or curse their singlehood : )

koreana na ko???

mikay said...

That's interesting Yen but I don't think they have that here in Japan. Koreana na gyud ka!

Eds / Sarj said...

@ yen: pagbuhat pud ug Korea trivia. love nako ako Korean clients kay walay sasaw ;-) sige lag ngisi

# 4: jen, amo diay daghan ko makit-an nga mga japon wearing masks. LOLz!

mikay said...

Yes Eds, praning sila. Gamay lang nga sip-on ug ubo, mask dayon sila.