Sunday, March 8, 2009

And the winners are...

(L-R: 2nd RU - Regina Hahn; BbP International - Melody Gersbach;
BbP Universe - Bianca Manalo; BbP World - Marie Ann Umali;
1st RU - Richell Angalot)

I presume that the criteria for this year's Bb. Pilipinas pageant is the same as last year: beauty of face - 40%, figure - 40%, personality - 10% and wit - 10%.

With that said, this should have been the top 5, in my opinion: #5 Diana Arevalo, #9 April Jordan, #12 Marie Ann Umali, #15 Bianca Manalo, #20 Melody Gersbach. I have no violent objections regarding those who were eventually crowned.

Miss International - I think Melody is perfect for Miss International. I have high hopes for her. I would be happy if she, at least, will emerge as one of the semi-finalists.

Miss Universe - Jasper and I speculated that her family is aiming to complete their participation in the 3 international pageants. Her sister was Miss World runner-up and her aunt was Miss International. That leaves Miss Universe for them to conquer. Lo and behold! Bianca wins Bb. Pilipinas-Universe. I somehow expected this although she is not my top bet for this crown. Unlike her many bashers, I don't think she's fat. Chubby cheeks, yes. But she does need to seriously firm up her body to be noticed in the Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas. And no bunned hair for her please.

Miss World - This was actually the only crown up for grabs this year. Of the top ten, Bb. Pilipinas-World was a toss up between Jordan, Arevalo and Umali or maybe even Johnson who aced the Q&A. I wonder how Umali will fare in the Miss World interview.

I expected more from Rich in her Q&A, she being a UP student. Alas! She was 2nd worst in that portion. Regina Hahn's ace is her intelligence, that's all.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the night is Carishiela Kuijper's non-inclusion in the Top Ten. What happened there? Did she fall victim to the pageant sharks?

Overall, BPCI redeemed themselves this year after last year's laugh fest. More importantly, nobody did a Janina this year. Kudos to all the ladies!

I should mention that Gizelle Rivamonte won the Miss Friendship award. This girl proved to be the most admirable of all. She only wished to experience submitting an application form and ended up winning over the hearts of her co-candidates. She is also the most improved candidate of the batch.

Good luck to our new queens! Mabuhay kayo!

(photo courtesy of opmbworldwide)


jaspercaesar said...

good review, jennifer! you ought to be a pageant judge. ill submit your name to the MHB2009 organizers this May. : )

mikay said...

For lack of better things to do... LOL. This is just all for fun really.

YeyenSsi said...

di ko ka relate... : )

jaspercaesar said...

yen - april 24 ha. sa urios gym, be early for the pbb auditions! : ) hehehe