Sunday, February 1, 2009

Malling in Japan

Yesterday, Ariel and I went to Aeon Jusco, the nearest mall from our apartment. It takes one train ride and one bus ride to get to the mall. The whole travel totals 25 minutes excluding waiting time.

When we got there, we went straight to the food court for lunch. It was almost 2PM. I ordered Tuna Salad Sandwich at Subway = tuna salad on toasted wheat bread with everything on plus oil and vinegar dressing paired with iced tea. It was superb! Ariel opted for ramen and chahan set from a Japanese stall.

Afterwards, we window shopped around the mall. By Japanese standards, this mall is large. It is 3 storeys high with over 100 shops. But for Filipinos like me, it was very easy to handle, unlike Megamall and Mall of Asia in Manila which are really, really HUGE. We stopped by a shoe store, a weird Indian/Turkish shop, Billabong, a sports shop and an electronics shop. I wanted to see if there was Guitar Hero III for Xbox 360 but there was none.

While strolling, we passed by shoe shop where there was a lanky Japanese guy standing on a stool outside while shouting at the top of his lungs. He was advertising a timed shoe sale at their store. They were putting a certain number of boots on sale for a certain period of time. I guess it was a success because when we passed by, the items quickly dropped from 5 pairs to 1.

There is a 3-day mall-wide sale at Jusco this weekend. Good thing all the clothes shops were still selling winter items so we were not tempted to buy anything.

(Photo courtesy of an unsuspecting citizen of the internet world)


jaspercaesar said...

Jusco Mall sounds like jusko 'day! will a filipino shout it when he/she is there?

YeyenSsi said...

bwahaha! mabuang ko sa comment ni jasper! : )

mikay said...

Jat, it actually sounds more like "just ko" than "juice ko". :)