Tuesday, December 30, 2008

'Til We Meet Again...

Last Friday, I had a Mamimoys mini despedida party courtesy of Lab Lab and Kate. For the first time in a million years, Lab Lab bought and brought all the food and drinks. Yes Virginia, miracles do happen! And it wasn't your usual barbecue and beer. He ordered take out from VJ's and brought Johnnie Walker Black Label. Of course, they had to buy a reinforcement of Red Horse later on, otherwise Janice will be "pingis". As a result, she gave me several "trees in the backyard" as a parting gift.

On Sunday, it was my Butuanon gal pals' turn. They brought humba, pasta, garlic chicken, lumpia shanghai, macaroni salad and chips with matching tequila and vodka cruiser. We shared a lot of laughs as we reminisced about the year that passed.

Finally, I had to leave Butuan yesterday. The gang saw me off at the airport. Thank God nobody shed a tear! I really hate goodbyes.

In Manila, I met up with Jasper and Mark. We went to Mall of Asia and had dinner at Friday's. Afterwards, we took a stroll at the bayside. We stopped to have a coffee/tea at Gloria Jean's.

Then, we continued towards the giant christmas tree and magic fountain. We decided to head back to Jasper's place and enjoy some red wine, chips and cheese. I had a glass and dozed off.

My phone woke me up at 7AM this morning. Mark was gone and Jasper was still fast asleep. After some text messages and a phone call, I started preparing to go the airport. At 10AM, Jasper woke up and waited for a taxi with me downstairs. We said our goodbyes and I was off.

The ride to the airport took about 20 minutes. It took almost the same for me to go through the check-in processes. I spent the rest of my waiting time texting and calling some friends. Boarding time was at 1PM. The plane departed Manila promptly at 1:35PM and landed in Nagoya at almost 6PM.

I am now safely back in Gifu with Ariel. 'Til we meet again folks!


jaspercaesar said...

OH no. you had a lot of fun on your last 2008 hours in the Phils. Way too cool,girl! Enjoy Japan, Jenni-san kawaii!

YeyenSsi said...

ka drama ba sa title, sobra ka senti...as if di ka mobalik this May!
i-regards ko diha ni matsomoto jun

mikay said...

Funny man ka Yen. Wala man gud lain mahuna-hunaan. Hehe...