Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 In Review

As the year 2008 comes to a close, I look back and assess how good (or bad) it was for me. It could be said that I spent the whole year bumming around but I do not regret any minute of it. Well, there may be a few mistakes but the good outweighs the bad.

For one, I spent time traveling this year. First, I went to Davao City with Mama on her birthday. I returned there with Darlene and May in April where I spent a night with my in-laws in Santa Cruz, and another night at Mayet's house in Tagum City. In May, I went to Cebu with my Flores kin and then straight to Cagayan de Oro with a day trip to Iligan. I visited Cagayan de Oro countless times after that, once with Regina during her Philippine visit. This year's travel highlight was my getaway to General Luna in September, in time for the International Surfing Cup and the town fiesta. Then, there was my escape to Duka Bay with Mabel in October. In November, I flew to Manila on a business trip with Darlene and May. Lastly, I had my one-night Manila stopover before I left for Japan.

I also gained a few new friends this year. On top of the list are Dondi and Alex whom I met in GL, along with Mark and Chris Pulo. Then, there are the "Kusina Avenue Girls" (Imelda, Malou, Terry, Tita Susan, Evelyn, etc. etc.) whom I hung out with occasionally at, where else, Kusina Avenue! I also had time to bond with the Chuas, specifically Mayet and Ronnie, with whom I only exchanged Hi's and Hello's before. I would also like to mention Alvin, Jett, Buddy, Kiko, JB and company whom I cannot exactly call my friends but with whom I had a grand time for about 27 hours.

I was elected President of our alumni class this year. Which means I got involved in a couple of projects which got me busy for a while this year. First was "Heat Wave", a dance party at G-Subd. Bar on May 18. It ended up more like a drinking party but the tickets were sold out. We also had our raffle promo which did not go as well as planned. Surprisingly, we still earned a few bucks after the draw.

And the ultimate highlight of 2008 is "The Dawn Live in Butuan" on December 12. The financial report should make me cry but is was an experience of a lifetime, one that is worth far more than what we lost.

And the lessons I learned this year?

"Some things are better left unsaid and undone."

Words of wisdom which I picked up from the most unlikely person. With that, I am vaulting the other memories of 2008 in my mind, hoping that they will stay there forever.

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jaspercaesar said...

you seemed to have had a wonderfully blast 2008. great great great. : ) you know, in life, what's truly important is our own happiness that we gain in the most honourable manner. i think you just did that, and i'm glad you chose to be happy and enjoy the simplest of things with family and friends. : )