Friday, April 4, 2008

Attempted Poetry

For the next few entries, I will offer you another view of my soul by posting my attempts at poetry. These were written back when I had the inspiration (or lacked it as evidenced by the angst-riddled verses).

The Reason For Being

Beyond all expectations,

Beyond any rational thought,
A feeling never imagined ---
Love that is so deep,

You in the dark corner,
Seething and shaking,
Mad at the world,
Afraid of the world.
In your eyes I can see pain,
Pain only love can heal.
Your soul cries out so loudly,
Screaming, yearning, needing...

I shall come to you in your darkest moment
To light up your little corner,
Bring color to your world
And take the frown from your face.

When I come, look up and smile,
Open up your heart
And take what I have to offer,
For loving you is not a choice,
It's my only reason for being.

- October 10, 1996 -

1 comment:

jaspercaesar said...

it never occurred to me that you were into poetry. gosh.

i dunno where i placed all those poems i wrote way way back then.

as you can observe, im into prose already after we left High School.


loved your poems ha!