Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Ode To An Idol


Ice cold... Steadfast... Wild
The essence of non-conformity.
You don't bend to the whims of others
Nor yearn for their attention.

You are what you are,
All that you want to be
and more...
You please people with what you have
With nary an effort,
Your voice rings out through the dark halls
Amid the angry screams.
The youth look up to you,

All wanting to be you...
The essence of non-conformity,
As I, so wish to be.

- March 23, 1998 -

Mikay with Bamboo Mañalac after giving him a copy of the poem above in 2005.


Mark Villanueva said...

nice poem. timing kay nakapa picture mo.bago lang ni?

mikay said...

Mark, the poem was written way back in 1998, when Bamboo M. first came to Butuan, as part of Rivermaya, before he left for the US. Sometime in 2005, he came back with Bamboo, his new band. I went to see him at the airport and personally gave him a copy of this poem. Thus, this picture.

jaspercaesar said...

That guy is a genius! And he met another genius. Aba aba aba.

Just today during my meeting, we had basketeers next to our tables led by Alex Crisano. My gawd, they're giants - so huge so tall.

I felt like Bilbo Baggins.