Friday, September 26, 2008

Siargao Day 3: Almost goodbye...

I was roused from sleep once again at 4:30AM on our third day in Siargao. I changed from my sleeping attire and went down to the beach. It was cloudy so I went back to the room and took a shower. An hour later, I was ready to go. I waited at one of the kiosks and enjoyed the morning chill. Dondi came out, greeted me good morning and rushed to Cloud 9. The first round of surfing heats was rescheduled for that day because the waves were not big enough on Sunday. Ronnie came out a bit later and started taking pictures.

It was around 7AM when everybody was up and ready for Cloud 9. When we got to the site, there were still very few people around. As usual, we did what we have learned to do best in Siargao - photo sessions.

Darlene and me by the surfing "monument"

With our new friend Alex C., #4 surfer of the Philippines

Surfing champion of the Philippines, Heavyweight Division :)

Darlene on the new walkway leading to the viewing tower

The last leg of the walkway - I thought this was going to be easy!

The viewing tower

No ID, No Entry?

The comp begins...

Defending champion, Wade Goodall

More surfers...

It was a slow morning and the world-famous Cloud 9 barrels were nowhere to be found. One surfer commented, "The waves are sleeping!".

We left the tower and had brunch at Marife's, the best food joint in Cloud 9. I had spaghetti while the rest had omelettes and crepes.

Darlene's bacon and cheese omelette

Humongous, yummy, syrupy banana crepe!

Darlene with No. 1 Filipina surfer Nilde Blancada @ Marife's

After eating, Darlene, May and Jane went back to the resort to catch more Zzzz's. I was left behind with Ronnie and Alex, who placed 3rd in his heat. He complained about the lack of waves and how they were forced to ride on bad ones just to get Round 1 over with. We learn a little later that the rest of the heats were postponed because the waves continued to lull. Alex and Ronnie recalled last year's competition which was finished in three days. They said the waves were near perfect! Where are those waves now???, I wondered.

Ronnie and I decided to go back to the resort and wait for Dondi there. He was supposed to bring us to the former mayor's house for lunch. It was the town fiesta!

Dondi came from his organizing chores at around 1PM. We proceeded on HH to our hosts' house. The couple were both former mayors of General Luna. We were served food al fresco. Again, there were so much food that I could not recount everything. There was lechon, fried lumpia, humba, afritada and many, many more! Our lady host was very accommodating. We told her about the new love team brewing in the group and she readily said she would be the ninang at the wedding!

Our balikbayan hosts from the other night came by when we were on our way out. We said hi and goodbye and went back to Cloud 9.

Welcome to General Luna!

Back at Cloud 9

Less than 5 minutes in Cloud 9 and May was already asking, "Asa tong namaligya ug halo-halo?". We were all floored! We could not even walk straight after all the eating at lunch! Alas! There was no halo-halo available that day. We walked to Ronnie and Dondi's "hideout" and found two girls sleeping there. We talked and shared some more laughs. Dondi was his usual crazy self and entertained us no end. He pointed to us "Quiksilver" and "Jacking Horse". A little later, the boys took a dip in the water while eying some bikini-clad girls swimming nearby. Jane contented herself by posing for more photos.

Billabong babe!


The view from the "hideout"

Jane and her favorite surfboard

We stayed at the hideout until it was time to eat again. We went back to Marife's and cooled off with milkshakes. It was already dusk when we went back to the resort.

Back at Travellers Inn, the group decided to go night swimming. I changed into my swimming gear and was last to follow in the water. Dondi started telling ghost stories so I covered my ears and hummed to myself. I also sang "Part of Your World" which Dondi thought was a religious song! When it started to drizzle, the three girls went back to our room. I stayed behind with my two "bodyguards". We relaxed in the warm water and watched a firefly flutter by. It has been ages since I last saw a firefly! I recall catching them at our backyard when I was little. I trained my sight on the firefly until it was gone. At that exact moment, I felt like a kid again.

Soon, Ronnie came out of the water and headed back to the resort. Dondi and I followed shortly. It was time for dinner.

On our way in, we saw Alex waiting for us. I talked to the resort owner to get our bill and went inside the hut. We took turns taking our shower while May and I did our computation. The boys were early and got impatient so they decided go ahead and eat dinner at the local barbecue stall. We were still full anyway so we told them we'd meet up at Nine Bar.

It was almost 8PM when we were finally ready for our last romp in Siargao. May had to do some reports so Jane and I left while Darlene stayed with her. Ronnie and Dondi were already at Nine Bar when we arrived. They caught the last of the lechon party and were having ribs and free beer. Alex had to meet up with a friend somewhere and would return later.

The GL party owls continued to pour in as the night wore on. Alex came and so did Chris Pulo and his puppy. Darlene and May joined us at almost 10PM. They brought tempura chips and I ate it with my "innocent" Sprite.

By this time, the "Siargao Super Six" already had a bunch of inside jokes to share and laugh about. A different mix of people would come to our table, say hi and continue on. An Israeli named Kenny(?) introduced himself to us and made small talk. An Australian girl who owns one of the resorts in GL sat beside Ronnie and lingered there for a while. Ronnie, who swears loyalty to his wife, did not even bother to look and say hi. Snubbed, the drunk girl left and moved to another table. Later, Alex and Jane made their way through the dance floor.

They did not stay long because Jane was not comfortable being stared at by different girls. Alex apparently had too many admirers who were eager to check out his dancing partner. He smiled innocently and denied knowing all those girls.

With the surfing heats continuing early the next day, the crowd thinned out as quickly as it swelled. We left the bar at a little past midnight.

Last shot

Back at the resort, we prepared our stuff for our return trip to Butuan early the next day...

Goodbye Siargao...

(Photos courtesy of Ronald and Darlene Chua)


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